On 15th April, Mr. Cosimo De Carlo took up his position as CEO of EDAG Engineering Group AG, accepting responsibility for one of the world's largest independent engineering service providers in the automotive sector. A well connected industry expert, Mr. De Carlo will be systematically continuing EDAG's strategic realignment, to ensure the company's success in the transformation process the automotive industry is currently undergoing. 

Future strategy will be based on the well established and internationally acknowledged Vehicle Engineering and Production Solutions segments, complemented by the equally powerful, future-oriented Electrics/Electronics segment.

"Although we have already addressed the topics of digitisation and electrification in the EDAG Group, we intend to expand and permanently supplement our range of services even faster. In the process, we will not just be expanding our range of services but also giving it a much more international focus," explains Cosimo De Carlo, CEO of EDAG Engineering Group AG. The internationalisation process will also involve activities in selected "best cost countries". In addition, strategic acquisitions are to be made to support and accelerate our growth strategy.

"EDAG has always stood out from the rest of the market on account of its own innovative solutions in the fields of vehicle development and production. In these qualities, I see a key success factor in our specific market. This is, and always will be, the USP of the EDAG Group," adds De Carlo.

His professional experience and track record make Cosimo De Carlo the ideal man to take charge of EDAG's strategic reorientation and bring it to success. De Carlo is an automotive expert. He began his career with Daimler in Stuttgart in 1998, and gained extensive leadership experience in a leading technological consultancy company. 
"I am delighted that, in Cosimo De Carlo, we have acquired a successful innovator with excellent contacts for EDAG. He has exactly the right profile to forge ahead with the strategic changes being undertaken at EDAG. Together, we will make the EDAG Group even stronger and enable it to embrace the future challenges of the automotive industry," remarked Thomas Eichelmann, Chairman of EDAG's Board of Directors.