In Düsseldorf, on 18th February, 2016, EDAG Engineering GmbH received its ninth "Top Employer" award for outstanding human resource management in a row. At the end of the independent appraisal by the Top Employers Institute, the Wiesbaden engineering service provider took an excellent 2nd place in the "Automotive" category. According to the jury's decision, EDAG offers its employees excellent working conditions. In other words: the company takes extremely good care of its workforce. 

"We are delighted that our culture of appreciation has been recognised and rewarded. In my eyes, the combination of high technical levels in the company and a value-oriented working culture are the decisive factor in our success. On the basis of these standards, we have implemented a wide range of training opportunities. In addition to this, we have also introduced a number of health management and work-life balance programmes. In this way, we are constantly adding to our attractiveness as an employer," pointed out Harald Poeschke, EDAG's COO. 

On today's recruitment market, "what does the company do" or "how much does it pay" are not the only crucial questions: people also want to know exactly how a company defines and implements its working culture." 

"As a design engineering company, we know that outstanding results and new concepts can only be brought about if everyone pulls together and accepts a high level of personal responsibility. For this reason, we set great store by a flat hierarchy, the performance-oriented development of men and women for managerial positions, and by open and respectful cooperation," explained Alexandra Dantmann, EDAG's Deputy Head of HR, during the official award ceremony in Düsseldorf.

As an engineering partner for complete vehicles and production plants, EDAG offers engineers a wealth of career prospects, and opportunities for their professional and personal development. In combination with the company's many well-known customers and international sites, EDAG is an exciting employer on the automotive market, both for people with professional experience and for career starters.