EDAG was presented with the "Excellent Partner" award by Singulato Motors on 27th April, 2018. The EDAG Engineering and Design (Shanghai) Co. team, headed by Managing Director Dr. Lars Röhrig, were awarded the prize during a gala event held in Shanghai. 

In a joint project with Singulato Motors, EDAG was closely involved in the development of the iS6 Electric SUV. To this end, a 60-strong team from the Chinese EDAG subsidiary provided extensive services, concentrating in particular on the vehicle body, interior/exterior and electrical/electronic systems. With this project, EDAG successfully established its position with the electric vehicle start-up Singulato Motors, demonstrating its competencies and experience in the development of complete vehicles.

"Our team's performance in this project was absolutely outstanding," stressed Dr. Lars Roehrig. "In a very short space of time, we made a decisive contribution to the development of the new electric vehicle "iS6", providing all-round services and in this way demonstrating our skills. To have been selected to receive the "Excellent Partner" award from a total of 240 suppliers was for us a sign of very great esteem."

For EDAG, the project was a premiere in the cooperation with electric start-up Singulato. The iS6 Electric SUV is a fully electric SUV with a range of some 400 km. Special characteristics are the contro vento doors, which lend the vehicle its unique appearance. The iS6, which is due to go into production at the end of the year, is the first of a total of six planned electric cars.

"Our expertise in complete vehicle development coupled with our know-how in the fields of eMobility, autonomous driving and digitisation make us an ideal partner to help start-ups like Singulato on their way to series production. We will be focussing on expanding and strengthening our presence in the emerging international markets as we have done her in China," underlined Cosimo De Carlo, EDAG Group CEO, during his visit to the Beijing Motor Show in April 2018.