EDAG, the world's largest independent German engineering service provider, has for the first time ever provided engineering and prototype construction support for Brabus automotive GmbH. Brabus automotive GmbH from Bottrop, which has successfully developed into a general contractor and contract manufacturer for the automotive industry, independently produces exclusive luxury limousines in low-volume production. 

The EDAG Group has recently been successful in providing state-of-the-art development, design and quality support services for the traditional Bottrop company as part of a low-volume project for a premium manufacturer. In addition, EDAG made a further important contribution to the certification by supplying small batch parts and handling the prototype conversion. "Our strategic objective is to further expand our industrial activities. We focus on niches, specialising in small, micro and special series, which it is difficult to produce in OEM structures.

Brabus automotive is a high class general contractor with manufacturing processes that meet top quality standards and requirements for individualisation," stressed Christian Draser, Managing Director of Brabus automotive GmbH. "The EDAG Group, with its expertise and experience in complete vehicle development, ideally complements our development and makes a valuable contribution to the successful implementation of our strategy." The EDAG Group is currently one of Brabus automotive's strategic partners, and will continue handling customer projects with them in the future.

"We are pleased that we will again be putting our engineering competencies to use for Brabus automotive in the future, and providing decisive, top-level technical support for the company's development, quality management and low-volume production," emphasised Cosimo De Carlo, CEO of the EDAG Group.