The aim of the "Hessen Champions" contest is to distinguish companies for outstanding achievements. Awards go to innovative Hessian companies that are the world leaders in their sectors, and - in relation to their size - have created an above-average number of new jobs in Hesse, or developed new concepts, products or processes.

This was the 24th time that the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Transportation, Urban and Regional Development and VhU, the Federation of Hessian Employers Associations, acknowledged outstanding corporate success. EDAG Engineering GmbH was named "Hessen Champion 2015" in the category "Job Motor" at an event held by the Federation of Hessian Employers Associations attended by more than 1,000 guests. Just last year, the Wiesbaden-based engineering company was named Hessen Champion in the category "Innovation".

The award was presented in Wiesbaden on 27.10.2015, by Hesse's Economics Minister Tarek Al-Wazir, and the VhU President Wolf Matthias Mang. A special day for EDAG Engineering GmbH, and one which underlines the company's commitment as an outstanding employer in the automotive industry.

A Hessian start-up company from the seventies, EDAG developed continually, and has long been one of the largest independent engineering companies in the automotive industry. Today, the globally active company employs a workforce of more than 7,600 to work on the development of new vehicles and production plants for vehicle manufacturers, and has about 1,600 employees in Hesse, at its facilities in Fulda, Rüsselsheim and Wiesbaden. In the State of Hesse alone, EDAG has created 320 new jobs since 2013.

"EDAG's success is only possible if we have highly qualified and motivated staff. Bearing this in mind, our main concern is not simply to create new jobs; we are working in particular on the creation of an environment characterised by individuality, team spirit, personal responsibility, creativity and goal orientation. The combination of the highest technical standards, our own innovation management and a modern, value-based work culture defines the formula for our success as a company and as an attractive employer," explained Harald Poeschke, COO of EDAG Engineering GmbH, during the awards ceremony.

On the basis of this ideal, the company provides a wide range of training programmes, and has also implemented health management and work-life balance initiatives and the advancement of women in the workplace to increase its attractiveness as an employer.

Apprenticeships are an extremely important element of EDAG's personnel and training work. For over 40 years now, the company has provided in-company vocational training, and offers school leavers apprenticeships in more than 25 trades, professions and dual study programmes. Since 1973, EDAG has helped more than 2,000 young people take their first steps towards jobs of their choice. 

Throughout Germany, EDAG currently trains about 220 young people a year, and almost all of them are expected to take on permanent positions in the company when they have finished. "At EDAG, training is not a new fad, brought on by the current shortage of skilled labour and new recruits," stressed Alexandra Dantmann, EDAG's Deputy Head of HR. "Over the last four decades, we have expanded and optimised our training system. Today, we profit from this work. Our apprentices and dual system students regularly achieve outstanding results in their final examinations, or receive national and regional championship awards in their selected professions."

Parallel to the personnel work it does, the company also has an innovation management department, which is actively involved in the development of new concepts for a sustainable, resource-saving automotive future.

"Innovative initiatives such as our concept cars "EDAG Genesis" and the "EDAG Light Cocoon" enable us to create even more jobs, in the State of Hesse and beyond," concluded Harald Poeschke.