Employees from the EDAG DESIGN STUDIO in Fulda awarded two prizes in the German De-sign Award. Source: Design Council, photo: Lutz Sternstein

Winner Label for #collectivio

#collectivio was the first live engineering project in the history of the IAA. 
Taking into account ideas and wishes received via the social media community, experts from the EDAG Group worked at the IAA in 2017 to develop a concept for robot vehicles with swarm intelligence for the autonomous transport of passengers and goods. In addition to providing important stimuli relating to autonomous driving and the entertainment package, the community also communicated its wishes with regard to design. During the concept phase, various design studies were presented to the community, changed according to their wishes, and finalised by means of a voting process in the social web. 

The German Design Awards jury has now presented EDAG with a winner label in the category "Excellent Product Design - Conceptional Transportation" for the final #collectivio concept. "The visionary concept is a new interpretation of the classic coach design, adjusted to create an iconic vehicle. As the design skilfully adopts urban form elements, it fits into a city environment perfectly," emphasised the jury in its summing up.

Gold Award for the Bosch Concept Car CES 2017

The EDAG Group's designers also took the German Design Award in gold - again in the category "Excellent Product Design - Conceptional Transportation" - for the concept car it created in cooperation with Bosch. The EDAG Group developed the design and EE architecture, and constructed the prototype of the concept car which, thanks to networking and the interaction-optimised design of the interior and display contents, becomes a third living space. 

"I am proud that we have made our mark in this well-known design competition with not one but two concepts. Both concept cars cleverly combine aesthetic aspects and technical requirements for future vehicles," said Cosimo De Carlo, CEO of the EDAG Group. "The EDAG concept cars were and still are visible representatives of our innovative strength for the mobility of the future."