EDAG Group wins German Design Award in Gold for the „EDAG CityBot“ mobility concept

Wiesbaden / Fulda, 22.11.2019 – The German Design Award is the international premium prize when it comes to ground-breaking design trends. Every year, top-class submissions are received from the fields of product and communication design, which are all pioneering in their own way in the international design landscape. The EDAG Group received the German Design Award 2020 in Gold from the top-class jury of leading experts in the category "Excellent Product Design" for its mobility concept "EDAG CityBot". The German Design Award, initiated in 2012, is one of the most recognised design competitions worldwide and is held in high regard far beyond the specialist circles.

EDAG CityBot – A game changer for the city of the future

The increasing digitalisation of our world will soon make autonomous driving on our roads a reality. We stand at the threshold of a revolution in all fields of mobility, and this provides us with a great opportunity to effectively combat any acute/impending gridlock and the resulting environmental pollution. Motivated by this principle, the EDAG Group has developed a mobility system with swarm intelligence, which is made visible via the "CityBot" concept car: A networked robot-powered vehicle which, with its numerous trailer and rucksack modules, is capable of handling any transport and work situations in urban areas, and is also in motion 24/7. As a result, the EDAG CityBot is much more than just another design study: It is a game changer and a mobility system with its own ecosystem.  The "EDAG CityBot" is aimed specifically at all entities enabling or providing mobility in the new ecosystem:
OEMs, city planners, infrastructure organisations, traffic, waste disposal and transport companies, municipal facilities as well as logistics specialists.

The EDAG CityBot is one of the central instruments for communication marking the company's 50th anniversary. The idea ideally represents the competencies of the EDAG Group in the areas of Vehicle Engineering, Electrics/Electronics and Production Solutions in the best way possible.
In addition, the "EDAG CityBot" also symbolises the agile development of the company from a design office into a globally active visionary for the mobility of the future. "EDAG is making an intelligent statement on sustainable, holistic mobility, traffic planning, ground-breaking city development and new busi-ness cases," explains Johannes Barckmann, EDAG's Global Design Manager. The "EDAG CityBot" was created under the leadership of Tom Hasenauer and Ricardo Hagemann of the EDAG Design Team in Fulda.