Alternative drive concepts are becoming increasingly important. Alongside of hybrid and electric power trains, hydrogen is also a serious contender as an energy source for the automotive future. Engineering specialist EDAG already offers extensive knowledge in the field of hydrogen technology and is currently investing in a mobile hydrogen filling station.

For complete vehicle development, the engineering specialists can now offer in-depth know-how in the validation of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles. 

As use of the hydrogen filling station is not restricted to any particular site, it can be taken to test centres such as ATP or Idiada, to ensure an adequate supply of hydrogen energy. In this way, EDAG makes the worldwide testing and validation of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles possible.

The system allows fuelling in accordance with SAE-2601 standards. An infrared interface is in constant communication with the vehicle throughout the refuelling process to monitor refuelling. The vehicles are filled with pre-cooled hydrogen, so 700 bar refuelling can be completed in approx. 3 - 5 minutes (depending on the volume of the tank), which is equivalent to refuelling at a public filling station. In addition, the EDAG development engineers have a wealth of experience with regard to the eligibility of such systems for certification.

Torsten Schmelz, Head of Vehicle Validation, is delighted at this latest addition: "Our development engineers have already acquired extensive knowledge with regard to the validation of hydrogen-powered vehicles. With the new system, we are now in a position to apply these skills even more specifically. The advantages to our customers are clear: the system, like our technical experts, can be put to flexible use anywhere in the world. For the customer, this means a more cost-effective, more efficient and, most important of all, safer validation process at test tracks all around the world."

In this way, EDAG continues to expand its range of services in the field of alternative drive concepts while consolidating its position as an expert in the mobility of the future.