EDAG: Best Employer Again

EDAG Engineering GmbH received the "Top Employer" award for outstanding human resource management in Düsseldorf on 13th February, 2018. For the eleventh time in a row, the independent appraisal carried out by the Top Employers Insti-tute testified to the outstanding working conditions offered by the Wiesbaden-based engi-neering service provider, and recognised its employee orientation. EDAG was once again awarded 1st place in the category "Engineers" in this year's competition

"An excellent result, and one we are delighted about. A repeated acknowledgement of our quality as an employer, in which we make long-term investments. Our HR management is a decisive factor in our attractiveness to new engineering tal-ent," stresses Harald Poeschke, COO of EDAG.

The competing companies are put through a uniform validation process. Talent strategy, apprenticeships, training, development and corporate culture are all assessed.

"This objective assessment is of great value to us. We are constantly improving our ac-tivities, expanding diverse training programmes and numerous opportunities for em-ployees, all of which are aligned towards our target groups. And there are striking differ-ences between us and other competitors. Among other things, we focus our attention on work-life balance and the advancement of women," explains Birthe Kristin Kuhlenbeck, Head of Recruiting and Training.

The EDAG Group continues its growth strategy, and is always on the lookout for the best employees - particularly for the future-oriented automotive ideas in the fields of electrics/electronics, digitisation, alternative drive systems and software/app develop-ment.

As an engineering partner for complete vehicles and production plants, EDAG offers engineers a wealth of prospects for their professional and personal development. The combination of numerous well-known customers and international locations makes EDAG one of the most attractive employers in the automotive sector for both career starters and people with experience.

About EDAG
EDAG is an independent engineering service provider working for the global automotive industry. The company has a global network of some 60 branches at the world's major automobile centres to serve leading national and international vehicle manufacturers and technologically discerning automotive sup-pliers.In addition, EDAG also offers engineering services in the vehicle engineering, electrics/electronics and production solutions segments. This extensive competence enables EDAG to provide its customers with all-round support, from the original idea to design, through to product development, prototype con-struction and even turn-key production systems. As an innovative technological leader, the company also has competence centres for ground-breaking future technologies for the automotive industry: light-weight design, eMobility, car IT, integral safety and new production technologies.

In 2017, the company achieved a sales volume of € 717 million and an adjusted EBIT of € 32.6 million. On 31st December, 2017, EDAG employed a workforce of 8,404 (including apprentices) in 19 countries.

Christoph Horvath
Press Spokesman of the EDAG Group
Tel.: +49 (0) 661- 6000 570
Mobile: +49 (0) 171- 8765 310 E-mail: pr@edag.de

EDAG Engineering GmbH
Kreuzberger Ring 40
65205 Wiesbaden

About the Top Employers Institute
The Top Employers Institute globally certifies excellence in the conditions that employers create for their employees, thus ensuring that they can constantly develop their professional and personal skills. The certification company, previously known as the CRF Institute, has recognised Top Employers around the world since 1991.

The methods applied in all Top Employers certification programmes are objective and based on facts. 1. Working in a secure online environment, the companies' officers fill out the Top Employers HR Best Practices Questionnaire, which was developed by leading international HR experts. This covers up to 585 individual criteria relating to HR work; depending on the criterion, it is also possible to enter the extent to which the offers are anchored in a company's own guidelines, and how the use and success of the offers are recorded and evaluated.

2. Following transmission of the fully completed and documented Top Employers HR Best Practices Questionnaire, the Top Employers Institute carries out a wide variety of precisely defined validation and auditing steps. Some of these steps are undertaken on site. Certain of the steps are carried out by an external auditing company.

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