DAY 7 – 8 AT IAA 2017

Every day new ideas and wishes are reaching us via twitter & co. using the hashtag #collectivion. Wouldn't it be a good idea to be able to make a gesture to a collectivio in New York, for example, which would be understood? Another user also sees potential for large film companies. "Trailers for new blockbusters could be promoted via VR during the journey and represent an additional source of income for the collectivio operator", suggests Christian from Berlin.

Together with the classic development process, our crack engineers do not want to ignore these good ideas and concepts. After all the digital world is further developing almost every day. "The car of the future must have an update capability to remain competitive". EDAG press spokesman Christoph Horvath is convinced of this. "For this reason, our team in Frankfurt is deliberately not working within the rigid boundaries of a predefined performance specification. Instead it uses the SCRUM method. With this successful approach from software development, we can also react in a significantly more agile, flexible and, above all, faster manner to continually changing project requirements in automotive engineering."

But what actually is Scrum? SCRUM is an agile process in which the team gets together at short intervals (generally every day), to discuss how work is progressing and exchange ideas. The input from the community was also considered and evaluated several times a day. "We can take on the new demands and ideas from our team or also the community at short intervals as well as summarise, prioritise and incorporate them in small work packages - so-called sprints", says Scrum Master David explaining his initial experiences at IAA. Particularly in the concept phase of a radically new vehicle and mobility concept like #collectivio, which more than anything else depends on the input of future users, SCRUM is the perfect means of demonstrating how the engineering process can be improved in the future. And this is what is happening live at the EDAG stand right now.