EDAG BFFT Electronics successfully presented smart concepts for the driving and mobility of the future at the Automotive Electronics Congress in Ludwigsburg - and picked up and provided impulses for engineering and service quality in times of increasingly rapid digital transformation. 

The Automobile Electronics Congress held in Ludwigsburg on 25th and 26th June, 2019, was a complete success for EDAG BFFT Electronics. "The congress is a meeting point for the E/E key players in the German automotive industry and so an absolute must for EDAG BFFT Electronics, as it is an opportunity to discuss the current developments within the industry," explains Dr. Nico Hartmann, Segment Leader at EDAG BFFT Electronics. "The perfect platform for experiencing the automotive future."

This was the reason why, a year ago, it was decided that the merger of EDAG and BFFT Electronics would be presented to the trade at this congress. At the time, the industry was eagerly awaiting the fusion of two companies with many years of experience in the fields of vehicle engineering, system engineering and embedded systems, which, with all-round competences in the field of test & validation, joined together in a unique way across all stages of development. 

This year, reports Dr. Hartmann, EDAG BFFT Electronics presented to the congress participants in Ludwigsburg two absolute development highlights from the company's Autonomous Drive and Active Safety department: EDscene, a system that can be used both in the laboratory and on the road to support and automate test sequences such as the measurement of ultrasonic sensors, for the validation of the functions of driver assistance systems, and Smofod (short for "smog and fog de-hazer"), an artificial intelligence system with which the developers have succeeded in digitally improving image recordings to such an extent that vehicles can recognise the environment well even in haze and fog.

"For us, the Automotive Electronics Congress is relevant not only as a stage for our own innovations, but also as an opportunity to network within the industry and present ourselves as a broad-based service provider for the automotive industry," says Dr. Nico Hartmann. EDAG BFFT Electronics was therefore also happy to sponsor the VIP evening. 

"The automotive industry is facing a multitude of challenges and uncertainties as to where exactly we are heading," says Dr. Hartmann, summing up the insights he gained at the congress. These include increasing globalisation and digital transformation. The onus is on the OEMs, suppliers and service providers alike. In addition, many new players with a clear investment focus on electrics/electronics, autonomous driving functions, connectivity and mobility services have entered the market. "For us, the aim that arises from all of these factors is to provide top quality eDrive & battery engineering services and optimum development maturity. For each and every customer. Anywhere in the world."