What would it be like, if the customer had a say in the definition of a new vehicle concept? The conjunctive in this question can easily be left out in the #collectivio project.
Today on Day 2 whilst our press conference marked the official start of the live engineering project at the IAA, the public and our specialists from six diciplines continued to work and already have concretised their concept ideas. 

After reconciliation concerning the design concept, two “Form ideas” from the designer Tom Hasenauer were neck and neck. The two were a sporty, five-seater in a coupe style and a people mover reminding us of a modern van. A symbiosis of the two favourite designs will be developed. Parallel to this Felix Hohmann, who is our vehicle architect, will be checking the design with regard to package and ergonomics. 

For the interior two designs have come forward and Tom Hasenauer will present them today at the second SCRUM meeting at 15:00 hrs. A lounge-like oval seat bench as well as five individual seats which are arranged for a conference situation. Again, parallel to this, the Teams for “App development” and “Autonomous driving” are working on a voice-operated reservation request for the #collectivio. Already on Day 2 of the #collectivio driving course, a pizza order could be taken via voice-operation, the next pizzeria could be driven to and the meal could be brought back to the person ordering.

The VR Team presented their first solution which was to project friends and co-pilots via VR-glasses into the #collectivio during the journey. This is certainly a commendable performance for 48 hours of development time not only of our VR cracks but also for the whole EDAG SCRUM Team at the IAA.

It remains exciting. We will continue to present coming results of the #collectivio live engineering project.