In the beginning there was the design. Every new vehicle and every new mobility concept starts with the creative process of form finding. So after the community chose two drafts as favourites for our #collectivio process, new exterior designs were developed on day 3 to combine the "best of two worlds". The form of the latest #collectivio is deliberately reminiscent of a horse-drawn carriage. "After all the passengers of a horse-drawn carriage 100 years ago did not have to worry about anything and could use their time in other ways.

Parallel to the design process, the new design concept was assured by the Package Team.

In yesterday's SCRUM meeting, the VR specialists also expressed their satisfaction with their progress. The implementation of a virtual passenger was completed and functioned stably. In addition, the passenger can now enjoy a journey through the virtual worlds as an entertainment program in collectivio. There is currently a journey available through a Martian landscape, a city or a forest. Here the speed of the virtual journey can be synchronised with the real journey of collectivio or individually adapted.

The voice control was further improved on day 3 and the vocabulary of collectivio is becoming more and more extensive.

Along with the Live Engineering Projekt, a panel discussion, called "The Limits of Individual Traffic" with Peter Berson (TÜV Rheinlad Inter Traffic GmbH), Dr. Michael Barillére-Scholz (Deutsche Bahn Frankfurt) and Björn Habegger (mein auto blog), took place yesterday at the trade fair.

It remains an exciting prospect. Tomorrow we will present you with new findings from day 4 of the collectivio Live Engineering Project.