BFFT aeromotive GmbH becomes EDAG aeromotive GmbH

EDAG aeromotive GmbH

Gaimersheim, 11.03.2020 Gaimersheim-based BFFT aeromotive GmbH has been operating under the name EDAG aeromotive GmbH since 2nd March, 2020. 
The company, which has facilities in Ingolstadt, Gaimersheim, Manching and Friedrichshafen, is a fully-owned subsidiary of EDAG Engineering GmbH, the world's largest independent engineering service providers. With this change of name, the company, which was founded in 2013 is visibly documenting its relationship with the EDAG Group.

The company supports its customers from the aerospace and defence industries in the development, production and validation of system environments for testing, analysis and evaluation applications. "Our strength lies in the transfer of automotive engineering technologies and skills to the aerospace industry. "Our inclusion in the EDAG Group, the world's largest independent engineering service provider in vehicle and production plant development, opens up not only further synergies for us and our customers, but also access to the worldwide EDAG network and its fully integrated engineering expertise in vehicle and production plant development," 
emphasises Ralf Rudolf, CEO of EDAG Aeromotive GmbH. "Our competencies complement each other perfectly and offer ideal conditions for the further development and internationalisation of our business model."