Autonomous driving: EDscene validates driver assistance systems

The EDAG Group, the world's largest independent engineering partner to the automotive industry, has now developed a system for the efficient validation of the functions of driver assistance systems. Available under the name of EDscene, this testing system is characterised by a high degree of measuring accuracy and results that can be reproduced at any time. What is more, test procedures can be carried out autonomously. A patent application has been filed for the measuring system with robot and other environment simulation.

EDAG Group offers its customers the system for validating driver assistance systems in two variants: EDscene.portable is a validation system for mobile applications, and is used in tests to ensure the accuracy of the parking aid's assistance functions. Even under the most difficult of conditions, it can be used to check whether the parking aid works. This includes measuring the field of view, detecting low and hard-to-recognise obstacles, testing for unwelcome road reflection and echoes in heavy rain, and testing the performance of the manoeuvre braking function to ensure that the ultrasonic sensors on the vehicle function reliably. There are also plans to use other systems, such as cameras, lidar and radar in the future. To this end, specific test procedures can be defined and introduced in cooperation with the customer.

The second variant of the new technology for validating driver assistance systems is EDscene.laboratory. This system is still currently under construction. The focus here is on the autonomously operated reproduction of the vehicle's environment under laboratory conditions. The simulation range measures 10 x 20 metres, which is very large, and at the same time the position accuracy of obstacles is checked down to just 5 millimetres. This enables various environmental scenarios to be tested. These dynamic measurements help new driver assistance systems in particular to simulate real scenarios and check that the systems are working effectively. The EDscene.laboratory system can be used to check not only to the ultrasonic sensors on the vehicle, but also other surround sensors such as camera, lidar and radar sensors. This makes it possible to monitor and accompany the development of various sensor systems from the first trial through to vehicle integration. With high measuring accuracy and reproducible results.

About the EDAG Group
EDAG is an independent engineering service provider working for the global automotive industry. The company has a global network of some 60 branches at the world's major automobile centres to serve leading national and interna-tional vehicle manufacturers and technologically discerning automotive suppliers.

In addition, EDAG also offers engineering services in the vehicle engineering, electrics/electronics and production solutions segments. This extensive competence enables EDAG to provide its customers with all-round support, from the original idea to design, through to product development, prototype construction and even turn-key production systems. As an innovative technological leader, the company also has competence centres for ground-breaking fu-ture technologies for the automotive industry: lightweight design, eMobility, digitalisation, integral safety and new production technologies.

In 2018, the company achieved a sales volume of € 792 million and an adjusted EBIT of € 47.6 million. On 31st De-cember, 2018, EDAG employed a global workforce of 8,641 (including apprentices).

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