It is already a well-known fact that the worldwide engineering service provider develops complete vehicles and production plants. Apart from the company's vehicle engineering skills, however, the EDAG Motorcycles team, headed by Marc Dongus, also offers a complete process chain in motorcycle development.

In its dealings with national and international customers, EDAG Motorcycles have established their position as acknowledged engineering experts, from design and development through motorcycle testing and validation. They have recently concluded a further complete engineering development project for a renowned motorcycle manufacturer; reason enough to say a big thank you to the engineering team. 
On 21st and 22nd May, the EDAG Group invited the 18-strong project team to the GP race track in Brno in the Czech Republic, to experience the fascination of innovative motorbikes. "I wanted to give my team the chance to ride a special machine. People who develop high tech should also experience high tech on 2 wheels," explained Marc Dongus.

Four BMW HP4 Race and some of the other latest super sport bikes were available for the 18 EDAG pilots to try out on the 5.4 km circuit.  
The HP4 Race, which was only presented to the public last year, is a high-performance super sport bike which is regarded as an innovation driver in BMW circles. The HP4 Race is the first series motorcycle in the world with an industrially manufactured carbon frame and carbon wheels.

Experienced test drivers from the EDAG Motorcycles team acted as instructors for the newcomer to the race track.

The race meeting at Brno was a super event for all of us, and more importantly an acknowledgement of the outstanding performance and team spirit of the project team," concluded Marc Dongus.