eDrive & Energy Systems

Full speed ahead to eMobility

With relation to the development of new and advanced components and systems, the EDAG Group has launched its own programme for vehicle electrification and the integration of innovative eDrive solutions for complex electric powertrains.

Broad Spectrum

Battery Systems: from the cell to the pack/system

  • Development of components for battery systems:

    • Cell module
    • Housing and mechanical elements
    • Battery management system (BMS)
    • Battery e-Box
    • Thermal system
  • Development of components for fuel cell systems:

    • Housing and mechanical elements
    • Fuel cell management system (FCMS)

E-drive systems


  • Electric motors
  • Power electronics
  • Energy management
  • VCU (vehicle control unit)

Peripheral systems


  • DC/DC converter
  • AC/DC on-board charger 
  • PDU (power distribution unit)

Electric drive systems: development under power

We have all the major powertrain types in our sights:

  • Battery electric vehicles (BEV), 
  • Fuel cell Electric vehicles (FCEV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).


Our range of services includes:

  • Powertrain design
  • Feasibility studies,
  • Prototyping, 
  • Integration and commissioning, including all related testing and validation procedures.

The complete eMobility setup

EDAG will assist you with the complete eMobility setup: 

  • Energy storage and converters,
  • Fuel cells,
  • Control modules,
  • Electric motors incl. power electronics, 
  • Vehicle electrical system and
  • Charging infrastructure


In the course of development, we assume system responsibility for controlling the integration of functions, components and subsystems. This means: We are your partner for the implementation of specifications and a new understanding of processes. We provide support with supplier selection, supplier management and also help with project and change management.

EDAG battery management platform

The cells in our lithium-ion batteries are monitored by our in-house battery management systems (BMS). In addition to monitoring, they also handle the control of switching elements, error detection and communication with the vehicle.


EDAG offers a flexible platform for various cell configurations from 48 to 1000-volt systems. For more information, see Products. 

Own test environment

To ensure that your new HV system functions safely and reliably, professional validation is necessary at component, subsystem, system and vehicle level. 


This is where you can benefit from the EDAG Group's test environment: with our own test systems and partner network, we have the necessary infrastructure to support you throughout the entire validation process and with the validation tests prescribed by law. This enables us to quickly create the requirements for homologation, UN certifications and road approvals.

Basis for eMobility of the future

We are convinced that intelligent e-drive trains, advanced battery technologies and alternative energies, hydrogen for instance, will be the basis for the eMobility of the future. 

With our experience and engineering know-how, and especially our expertise in mechanical and electrical integration, networking and commissioning, we are playing a major role in shaping this future. The aim is to create sustainable mobility solutions that will be ecologically and economically acceptable to society, but will also inspire people.


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