360° vehicle expertise

Your partner in the product development process

As one of the largest independent engineering service providers in the global automotive industry, we know exactly what is important in developing future-proof automobiles. With our expertise from 50 years of vehicle development, we support you throughout every phase of the product development process. Our holistic understanding of product and production is a key success factor. You also benefit from our high innovative strength. In our Competence Centres, we deal with the industry's important future topics. This expertise flows into all our projects. 

Together, we develop innovative vehicles that will secure competitive advantages and set new standards in this dynamic market environment. 
Find out now about our unique 360° vehicle expertise!


01: Creating the basis for efficient development

During the strategy phase, we define your vehicle's DNA and create the basis for efficient development.

This is how we support you during the strategy phase:

  • Benchmarking
  • Vehicle DNA
  • Product placement
  • Target definition
  • Feasibility analysis

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02: Developing a vehicle concept ready for series production

Do you have an idea for a new vehicle? We check under which conditions and at which cost frame it is feasible. This includes, among other things, comparison with target market regulations and consideration regarding development and production options. 

This is how we support you during the concept phase:

  • Marketing
  • Styling
  • Features
  • Attributes
  • Validation

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03: Making the vehicle fit for the series

We turn the vehicle concept into a series-ready product. In the process, you also benefit from our comprehensive engineering expertise and our ability to secure your product. We ensure that your vehicle complies with target market regulations and does not require costly retrofits or conversions.  

This is how we support you during the development phase:

  • Design
  • Validation
  • Quality
  • Prototypes & small series models
  • Product validation
  • Embedded & IT software development

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04: Getting your vehicle on the road

We accompany you into series production and are at your side until your vehicle is ready to go. In this phase, everything you need for the product, from production tools to digital logbooks, is created. Close checks prevent late costly changes to the production-ready vehicle. Upon request, we also produce exclusive small series for you. 

This is how we support you during the production phase:

  • Approval
  • Homologation
  • Supplier management
  • Start-up support
  • Low-volume production

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05: Your partner for sustainable success

Even if your vehicle has already left the line, we will not leave you alone. We support you with extensive after sales services for your lasting success.

EDAG accompanies you with these after sales services:

  • Quality assurance
  • Documentation
  • Field monitoring
  • Spare part management
  • Retrofitting & special equipment

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