EDAG Tech Summit 2020

26.10. - 5.11.2020


The EDAG Group presents further developments in its "EDAG CityBot" mobility concept.

Experience for yourself the world premiere of the ready-to-drive and ready-to-work "EDAG CityBot" AI prototype and first stage of artificial intelligence live in action in our laboratory! We are pleased to invite you to be there live in Fulda - via live stream, or in person!
As of now, you can plan your personal appointment on this page. 
For this occasion, we have brought together several aspects of future-related topics such as the Smart City, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and other exciting items from the world of 360-degree engineering.

Select the points that interest you most – our technical experts will then be happy to assist you in an individual discussion.

In addition, you will find further information about our EDAG CityBot mobility concept in the form of white papers, expert-talks and webinars.

The event will be taking place between 26.10 and 5.11.2020. It is, of course, also possible to arrange an individual appointment with us outside of the period during which the event is being held. The participation is free of charge for all interested parties.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your EDAG Group Management

World premiere of EDAG´s CityBot AI-prototype

Insights and presentation of the AI-prototype „live in action“

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1) Personal appointments:
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No other people take part - only you, your colleagues and our experts.

2) Focus on your interests:
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3) One hour time:
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We would like to make individual preparations for your visit, and to this end and offer you technical "EDAG CityBot-related" topics.
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Your individual appointment, whether on site in Fulda or digitally, is thereby free of charge for you.

EDAG CityBot

  • CityBot, concept & family
  • CityBot, AI prototype – world premiere 2020
  • CityBot, "living laboratory" and industrial applications


Urban smartification

  • Digitalisation of cities & infrastructures
  • Intelligent and networked goods and passenger traffic
  • Citizen dialogue platform for digitalisation services



  • Mobile "robots" (AGV plus) – customised overall solutions
  • Logistics planning – automated transport chains
  • Object identification – machine learning and AI
  • ADAS - sensor data fusion and self-localisation
  • Functional safety – reliable, custom-made mobility
  • Automated driving manoeuvres - trajectory planning and control algorithms
  • Assistance functions - virtual validation


Architectures & systems

  • 360° steering systems
  • Modular & scalable vehicle architectures
  • Closed loop engineering – sensor-based system optimisation
  • Service-oriented, zone-based EE architectures
  • Energy management – the electrical horizon


Expert-talks and white paper

Watch all the presentations our experts have given on numerous aspects of the development of the EDAG CityBot AI prototype, and find out more about the solutions and technologies in our white papers. 

Michael Jahn, Johannes Barckmann


Nathalie Schromm

"Identified: Match!"
OBJECT RECOGNITION through AI and neural networks

Sebastian Weimer

"The smart brain"
VEHICLE CONTROL UNIT and zone controller

Julius von Falkenhausen

"Site selection"
SELF-LOCALISATION through data fusion

Dirk Ruppert

"Path finder"
Calculation of TRAJECTORY PLANNING in real time

Titus Meier-Kraut

"AGILE IN THE TIGHTEST OF SPACES" 360° Chassis with In-Wheel Motors

"EDAG CityBot" webinar

We will be hosting a public webinar on 10.11.2020.
You can watch a live demonstration of the EDAG CityBot AI prototype.

You will receive your personal dial-in data free-of-charge when you register.

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More than a car: the EDAG CITYBOT in operation

In all fields of application, the EDAG CityBot provides maximum profitability and efficiency, on-time and on-target delivery of people, goods and services, perfect timing and real-time process tracking. It also helps to reduce accidents, errors and emissions. And on top of this, it comes with an automated billing system and complete service integration in ONE software platform.

The EDAG CityBot is a networked, autonomously driven robot vehicle which, thanks to numerous utility modules, is able to master all transport and work situations, including your mobile future.

More about the EDAG Citybot

EDAG Citybot Friends: great projects need great partners.


Cooperation projects


Discover further exciting developments and research projects from the EDAG Group's world of 360-degree engineering, and find the topic that interests you most.



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