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Using software and new cloud services to make cars and driving cars better. To this end, we network drivers, vehicles and the environment, and advance the digital transformation of the automobile. We develop and integrate software solutions and innovative products in automobiles for the networked reality of tomorrow. In a process that is both agile and has the maximum transparency possible: across all touchpoints (mobile, web, vehicle HMI) and with the constant involvement of all interface partners. This means that the networking and digitalisation of all development processes of each partner always precedes the networked vehicle.

What we mean by mobility & cloud services is the development of customer-centred software that meets high automotive quality standards.

Individual mobility of the future is not just cars. Mobility is becoming a complex interaction between various different actors. EDAG is your reliable total system developer in the field of software and services. We network technologies, processes and the thinking of all the actors involved. With the right processes and a maximum of agility, we develop user-centred services for mobility applications. 



Strong partner with
a broad service portfolio

    • Technology scouting
    • Business planning
    • Prototyping (MVP)
    • Responsive web front ends
    • Native iOS and android development
    • Progressive web apps
    • Interface management
    • SQL & NoSQL databases
    • Cloud applications
    • User analysis
    • User-oriented design
    • Intuitive control concepts
    • MV connection
    • Connectivity 
    • Infotainment
    • Data science
    • Engineering/technology
    • Analysis

Development processes

A good service is mainly characterised by fast and goal-oriented software development both inside and outside the vehicle, and for this reason, we focus on agility during development.

Having our own development process, we are in a position not only to provide the necessary agility but also to promote and accelerate the linkage of further development processes (e.g. hardware development). This expertise is complemented by the vehicle know-how of the EDAG Group. No matter whether it is a question of specific vehicle security topics or hardware development: we provide the right team for fast development.

End-to-end responsibility is essential for the successful, customer-oriented development of a new service. This is something we guarantee at all times, across all domains.

An overview:

  • Agile
  • Vehicle integration
  • End-2-end responsibility
  • Cross-domain approach

Efficient Engineering – Automotive Software

On behalf of our customers, we develop user-tailored front ends for every medium or touchpoint. Our portfolio ranges from initial concept studies and mockups to software products ready for series production. Usability plays an important role in every step of the process, and is constantly being further developed by testing and questioning the user journey. Tests carried out during the development process are just as much a matter of course as is a clear focus on the user stories.

A powerful backend is a prerequisite for good performance and a variety of features that evolve with the business cases. We guarantee this with our backend development services, connection to other cloud systems, and operation of the backend. Big data and the use of data are already inspiring the business cases of our services. This trend is currently continuing on a massive scale. Based on a powerful backend, we develop a comprehensive data analysis: from concept to implementation. 

An overview:

  • Testing
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Developers
  • Focus
  • Empowerment


Complex systems which need to be tested constantly for usability, functionality, security and reliability are created on behalf of customers. We offer unit testing, automated tests and holistic system tests not only during development, but also as a separate service.

An overview:

  • Unit testing
  • App-level mock
  • Device farm
  • Mobile backend mock
  • Test bench
  • Test car
  • Test infrastructure

EDAG as innovative service provider

The world of services is fast moving. With "Automotive Goes Scrum", our internal qualification program, we drastically reduce development times and guarantee high quality as complexity increases. In the EDAG incubator , we develop services and products on our own initiative, in this way offering ideas as impulses for service projects or software products on the market.

Our principle activities:

  • trive.park 
    • App for booking parking spaces
    • Data and platform for administering off-street parking and mobility services
    • Platform for supply and demand exchange in the energy sector
  • wecardo 
    • Your digital co-driver combining optimised handling, an onboard mechanic and roadside assistance in one app


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