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At public industry events, our experts are highly requested speakers. They give insights on our current research projects, discuss innovative use cases and are happy to answer questions about their field of expertise. 

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ATZ Conference Automated Driving 2020: From Assisted to Autonomous Driving | Wiesbaden | 31.03.2020 – 01.04.2020

Lukas Birkemeyer

"Automated Testing of Vehicle Integrated Environmental Sensors"

  • Based on the testing of environment sensors for parking assistants, the automated test system named "EDscene" was developed. Automation makes it possible to increase the test frequency and thus reduce the costs per test. At the same time, the quality of the measurements is improved by lower tolerances and higher reproducibility. The user also benefits from automated processing of the measured values to a standard evaluation. The test system can be used in the entire parameter interval of the environmental conditions of the known manufacturer and working group specifications. Development engineer Lukas Birkemeyer explains in his presentation details and further potentials of this technical innovation.

At these events our colleagues have spoken in the past:
A small review of selected fairs and conferences.

Formnext | Frankfurt a.M. | 19.11. – 22.11.2019



"Innovative lightweight construction exhibits from partner projects on partner stands"

    • VariKa
      A scalable, updatable battery tray made of nodes and aluminium extruded profiles using additive manufacturing techniques enables production to be carried out without using devices. The quick adjustment of manufacturing processes benefits the cost-effectiveness of small batch production. The modelling of the material and joining process with regard to operational strength was explored to achieve the appropriate dimensioning of components produced using additive manufacturing techniques.
      Hall and Stand: PAiCE-Gemeinschaftsstand, Hall 12.0, Stand E84
    • CustoMat_3D
      The automotive industry needs tailor-made alloys with properties that are suitable for use in additive manufacturing. A highly ductile and very strong aluminium alloy was developed in the CustoMat_3D project. Compatible simulation tools and processing methods have been developed for this alloy. Demonstrators manufactured from the alloy, a damper tower and a wheel carrier, were exhibited at Formnext.
      Hall and Stand: FKM Sintertechnik, Hall 11.1, Stand C29 / Altair Engineering GmbH, Hall 11.1, Stand E11 / IWT - Leibniz-Institut für Werkstofforientierte Technologien, Hall 11.0, Stand D71
    • BadgeB
      A performance battery box consisting of functionally integrated AM tree nodes and aluminium extrusion profiles. The integration of the cooling supply in the tree nodes enables effective cooling of the battery modules, which are fitted with lithium condensers for high performance, allowing higher charging and discharging performances. The AM nodes were specially constructed to be ready to manufacture in order to take into account the manufacturing restrictions.
      Hall and Stand: C.F.K., Hall 12.0, Stand B12
    • StaVari
      In the StaVari research project, a general process chain for producing complex, variant-intensive components with high functionality from an innovative steel material was worked out using additive manufacturing techniques.  The partial project result that has now been presented is a heavy-duty, variant-intensive car structure with a high degree of laser additive manufacturing. The car industry presents new potentials for prototypes and small batches with high variance using metal 3D printing.
      Hall and Stand: IWT - Leibniz-Institut für Werkstofforientierte Technologien, Hall 11.0, Stand D71
    • WING3D
      The WING3D exhibit from the OptiAMix project is a finalist in the Formnext purmundus Challenge. The awards ceremony takes place on 21/11/2019.
      Hall and Stand: purmundus challenge / cirp GmbH, Halle 12.1 ,Stand E09

"Vehicles of Tomorrow 2019 - Concepts – Materials – Design" | Frankfurt a. M. | 19.11.2019 – 20.11.2019

Heiko Herchet

"Fail Fast – The Key to Success for Automotive Software?"


Johannes Barckmann

"EDAG CityBots – autonomous transport and work vehicle as mobility concept"

    • "Fail Fast – The Key to Success for Automotive Software?" Heiko Herchet, Head of Car IT, - an EDAG Group brand
      • Software often decides whether a mobility product pleases the customer or not. However, the approach to software development is completely different from that used in automotive product development. Customer orientation takes on a significantly different significance in development. The presentation shows first approaches from the automotive industry and deepens these with examples from other areas/industries. The concrete development of a parking service is described as an example and the necessity of an agile product development process and implemented product changes is made clear by means of the accompanying market evaluation. Meet Heiko Herchet at the ATZlive conference:
    • "EDAG CityBots – autonomes Transport- und Arbeitsfahrzeug als Mobilitätskonzept" Johannes Barckmann, Global Design Manager, Marketing EDAG Engineering GmbH
      • Thanks to its modularity and multifunctionality, the EDAG CityBot can be used around the clock and can be configured as a passenger cell, cargo carrier or city cleaning device using add-on modules. An intelligent alternative to individual transport, which cleverly uses autonomous driving for various applications in urban mobility. In conjunction with the platform technology for the Internet of Things and, for example, the digital micro-payment solutions of EDAG partner IOTA, EDAG CityBot not only launches new, autonomous transport and work vehicles, but also possible new business models. Hannes Barckmann presents the visionary concept:

    EDAG has long been intensively involved in such innovative events, and is represented on the advisory board for the "ATZ live" event format by its colleague Jörg Hölig.

carhs Praxisconference AEB|AES | Memmingen | 24. - 25.09.2019

Julius von Falkenhausen

"SRD Fusion – a Framework to overcome Challenges in Validation, Testing and Development of ADAS Systems"

    • "SRD Fusion – a Framework to overcome Challenges in Validation, Testing and Development of ADAS Systems" Julius von Falkenhausen - EDAG BFFT Electronics
      • The innovative SRD Fusion Engine uses various sensor raw data to create an accurate image of the vehicle environment. With its help, the functions required for automated driving reach a high degree of maturity much faster. Static and dynamic elements in the vehicle environment are identified using RADAR, LiDAR and camera data and can be used to interpret complex situations. The SRD Fusion Engine merges the data of the different systems into a 360-degree image, tracks objects and develops a 3D grid map. Additional sensor types such as DGPS or ultrasound can be integrated into the SRD Fusion Engine. Julius von Falkenhausen presents this powerful tool:

IT Forum Bechtle | Leibheim | 18.07.2019

Jacek Burger

Artificial intelligence sees through fog


Materials 4.0: From theory to application | Munich | 27.06.2019

Michael Begert

FlexHyJoin - Flexible additive-free hybrid joining process for lightweight design suitable for mass production

Specialist conference metal 3D printing | Düsseldorf | 26.06.2019

Sebastian Flügel

Casting-generating: Hybrid components through new manufacturing process chains

  • Sebastian Flügel presents how you can manufacture several variants with only one die casting mould at the Metall-3D-Druck event hosted by @Süddeutscher Verlag Veranstaltungen GmbH at the GIFA 2019 in Düsseldorf. More information:

Symposium Composites | Kaiserslautern | 26.06.2019

Stefan Caba

Fiber composites in the vehicle: A lifetime or beyond?

  • Our Project Manager Lightweight Innovations Stefan Caba impresses the participants of the Symposium on Composites with his presentation of the CO2 footprint over a vehicle's life cycle and explains that reusing large lightweight structures can make a valuable contribution to the environment. Read more about this on:

Rapid Tech BadgeB | Erfurt | 25.06.2019


Richard Kordaß

Individualised product design using function-integrated AM nodes and identical parts with the example of a battery box

IABC International Automotive Body Congress | Frankfurt | 12.06.2019


Jörg Hölig

VariKa: A Multi-Variety, Ultra-Light, Metallic Traction Battery Carrier as a Demonstration Example of Networked Product and Production Engineering

  • Cost, performance and weight play a major role in the development of automotive components. A continuous process chain for the development of functional LAM components and a highly flexible production enable cost-effective manufacturing. How this might work is presented by Jörg Hölig, Head of Competence Center, at the International Automotive Body Congress in Frankfurt.


EcoSystem High Automated Driving - EcoSysHAF | Lindau | 03.06.2019


Jacek Burger

Artificial intelligence sees through fog

  • Artificial intelligence sees through fog – as can our Smofod system. It can eliminate fog, smoke or smog from images in real time, and makes objects that are difficult to make out visible. This is how Smofod lays down a vital corner stone for autonomous driving. Jacek Burger presents Smofod at the "Ecosystem for Highly Automated Driving - EcoSysHAF" in Lindau.

Specialist conference “3D printing - additive manufacturing in the automobile industry" | Munich | 07./08.05.2019

Sebastian Flügel

Casting-Generating: Hybrid components through new manufacturing process chains

  • Five OEMs, innumerable new opportunities: At the conference "3D Printing - Additive Manufacturing in the Automotive Industry" on 7./8. May experts and insidersdiscuss challenges and solutions of 3D printing in the automotive industry.

Engel Lightweight Future Day | Schertberg (AT) | 07.05.2019

Stefan Caba

Durable Lightweight Structures for Vehicles - Composite Solutions for the Future

ATZ specialist conference "Automated Driving" | Wiesbaden | 02.04.2019

Julius von Falkenhausen

Sensor Raw Data Fusion for Testing Application in Autonomous Driving


  • Can you see better when it's double? Yes – subject to the correct data fusion: Julius von Falkenhausen presents a framework for raw sensor data fusion - the SRD Fusion Engine - at the ATZlive "Automated Driving" symposium. This can make a decisive contribution to accelerating the development of automated driving.

Automotive Circle Conference | Bad Nauheim | 02.04.2019

Richard Kordaß & Sebastian Flügel

Casting & Additive Manufacturing: Hybrid components using new production

  • How can hinge systems significantly improve pedestrian safety and lightweight construction in automotive? Richrad Kordaß presents to 200 representatives of international OEMs at the Automotive Circle Conference, how this can be achieved using additive manufacturing and innovative development methods.

Lightweight summit | Würzburg | 26.03.2019

Dr.-Ing. Martin Hillebrecht

Lightweight design makes a better car

Dr.-Ing. Martin Hillebrecht, Stefan Caba und Michael Schäfer

Lightweight construction in urban vehicles

  • Article on arena talk »lightweight design makes a better car«

    "Weight reduction is essential for increasing the range of urban eCars. Consumers will realize this when the eCars currently being developed come onto the market. Digitalisation, autonomous driving and electrification have been given top priority here. Lightweight design will have its renaissance with the second generation," says Dr.-Ing. Martin Hillebrecht at the lightweight design summit.

    Article on the talk »Lightweight construction in urban vehicles«

    SCALEbase and FibreEUse are two concepts that can be used in the implementation of #lightweight vehicles for urban use. Dr.-Ing. Martin Hillebrecht, Stefan Caba and Michael Schäfer, show how the variable platform concept and the cyclical use of a lightweight #vehicle body work the lightweight design summit held by @Automobil Industrie.


Landshut Leightweight Colloquium | Landshut College | 27./28.02.2019

Dr.-Ing. Martin Hillebrecht

New lightweight process chains for the vehicle of tomorrow

  • Great event: At the Landshut University of Applied Sciences within reach of the BMW Lightweight Construction Centre, our Innovation Manager Dr.-Ing. Martin Hillebrecht presents a current EDAG study on the lightweight construction potential in urban electric vehicles as a contrast to the general mainstream.

Material Plus Automobile | Stuttgart | 20.02.2019

Sebastian Flügel

Casting + Additive Manufacturing: New production process chains for hybrid components

LightHinge+: Additively manufactured lightweight hood hinge

  • Experts from science and industry discuss current and future-oriented innovation impulses and trends for the use of new materials in vehicle concepts of the future at the symposium WerkstoffPlus Auto in Stuttgart, Germany. During the conference WerkstoffPlusAuto you discover more innovations in this field at the booth of EDAG.

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