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The automotive industry is undergoing a rapid, complex and exciting transformation process. Not only the product "automobile", but also mobility as a holistic eco-system must be fundamentally rethought. New technologies such as alternative powertrains and digital features, networking and autonomous driving are becoming increasingly important in the industry. Changes and innovations occur every second. Want an update? We present concrete contents of our current mobility concepts, technologies and services.
In a sense, a 360° view into our mobility cosmos: from the further development of our mobility concept EDAG CityBot, to our skills in the area of software & digitalisation, to the future topics of smart city, autonomous driving and artificial intelligence. For this purpose, we have prepared impulse presentations on the above-mentioned topics in TechTalks for you, which you can experience "on demand" after registration.

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The Executive Management of the EDAG Group


Mobility in the smart city – what will change in the future?

  • "The cooperation between mobility providers and cities continues to grow with digitalisation and new offerings. For you, I uncover the top 4 smart city strategies in the field of mobility in Germany and share valuable project experiences."

    Alexander Süssemilch
    Product owner connected mobility services (EDAG Engineering)

  • "The members of the community are the focus of digitization. It is essential, therefore, that we involve them in the development process of smart cities and communities from the beginning."

    Nikolai Pappert
    Project Leader Smart City (EDAG Production Solutions)

    "For sustainable and networked mobility, smart mobility hubs are future solutions for motivated communities and cities. The basis for this is a scalable modular system involving members of these communities."

    Karina Schäfer
    Project Manager Smart City (EDAG Production Solutions)

  • "Digitalisation opens up previously unknown potential for cities to make their mobility services more demand-oriented, ecological and economically efficient. We are now in a phase of setting the course for how we will use the newfound possibilities for increased connectivity, simulation and participation for our mobility systems."

    Dimitri Ravin
    Initiator & Publisher of Urban Digital (Urban Digital)

EDAG electrifies! Drive Technologies of the future.

  • "Electrification, in accordance with the principle of renewable energies, is an important element for low-emission mobility of the future. Mobility, digital services and the energy sector are moving closer together for a successful transformation of energy systems."

    Roberto Diesel
    Project Director (EDAG Engineering)

  • "In order to continue to serve the diverse needs of all customers, we must offer flexible solutions - for everyone."

    Dr.-Ing. Stefan Caba
    Head of Competence Center Sustainable Vehicle Development (EDAG Engineering)

    "E-mobility, regardless of whether the vehicles have battery-electric or fuel cell drives, should not be put on the back burner just because we don't know what the future holds. The Polish philosopher and author Stanislaw Brzozowski once said, "You don't recognize the future, you create it!" So let's get started."

    Aron Deutschländer
    Program Manager eDrive & Energsystems (EDAG Engineering)

    "Mobility with fuel cells or hydrogen-powered vehicles is yesterday's invention. The challenge facing us is getting as many vehicles as possible out on the road, in water and in the air. The future belongs to the brave."

    Marius Koch
    Team Lead Test and Vehicle manufacturing (EDAG Engineering)


Tradition vs. Vision– What can OEM and Start-ups learn from each other?

  • "New challenges ahead: With our Expertise, we connect and support our customers around the globe."

    Olaf Kaden
    Senior Vice President Project Management (EDAG Engineering)

  • "Vehicle development in a Start-Up world require flexible and agile approaches and processes. Having experiences with both, well established OEMs and Start-Up´s, we can help to combine the different approaches and to gain values out of it. "

    Jan Schlingmann
    Senior Project Manager (EDAG Engineering)

    "The agile process has also arrived in complex hardware developments because speed is very important in light of the upheaval in the mobility sector and because software and hardware development can no longer be separated."

    Roberto Diesel
    Project Director (EDAG Engineering)

Agile transformation – Solutions and Best Practice examples

  • "I asked, on your behalf, how EDAG is dealing with the subject of agile transformation for OEMs and system suppliers to better address market challenges and, above all, innovation."

    Alexander Süssemilch
    Product owner connected mobility services (EDAG Engineering)

  • "By combining Scrum, generative engineering and 3D printing, we can develop better products faster."

    Sebastian Flügel
    Project Lead Innovation (EDAG Engineering)

    "We operate in an increasingly fast-changing market environment with volatile customer requirements and constantly new technologies. Those who decide to embrace agile transformation as a response to these challenges are deciding on a long-term change in culture and values."

    Lara Hogeweg
    Scrum Master & Agile Coach (EDAG Engineering)

    "The agile transformation in development leads to a significant increase in the personal responsibility and participation of the project staff at our customers."

    Sebastian Vornkeller
    Vice President Body Engineering (EDAG Engineering)

    "My challenges as a leader: inspiring goals, promoting ownership, accelerating learning, developing new habits and creating a healthy team culture. These are my motivators that I pursue and that drive me day by day."

    Stefan Friedrich
    Team Leader und Agile Coach (EDAG Engineering)


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Driverless driving - challenges and solutions

  • "In order to further increase the level of automation in driving tasks, safe and comprehensive concepts and systems are needed within the vehicles and in connection with the outside world."

    Peter Weissmüller
    Project Manager Embedded Systems (EDAG Engineering)

  • "In some ways, the autonomous vehicle is like real life: Not only the "external values/sensors" are of great importance. The "inner values" also play a vital role: You need high-performance EE architecture."

    Gerhard Becker
    Head of Department Vehicle Engineering Electronics (EDAG Engineering)

    "Without progress in the field of explainable AI, artificial intelligence will not be fully applicable in vehicles."

    Nathalie Klingler
    Expert for AI, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (EDAG Engineering)

    "A lot needs to happen before we see highly automated vehicles in private hands. Above all, we need more intelligent overall software architectures, but also more computing power and better-performing sensors."

    Benjamin Krause
    Technical Expert for Highly Automated Driving, Computer Vision & Sensors (EDAG Engineering)

CyberSecurity – Is there such a thing as absolute security?

  • "Cybersecurity is the foundation and catalyst for "autonomous driving" in practical application."

    Christoph Horvath
    Head of Media Relations (EDAG Engineering)

  • "There will be no absolute safety. That is why ISOs such as Functional Safety or Automotive Cybersecurity are extremely important. On the one hand, they protect people and the environment from malfunctions, and on the other hand, they promote safe driving in a car with increasing digitalisation and networking."

    Yvonne Kania
    Head of Department E/E & Site Manager (EDAG Engineering)

    "Only a holistic view of all cybersecurity challenges and an overall strategy derived from it can lead to the success of the mobility solutions of the future. New cybersecurity technologies must be able to serve vehicles and infrastructures as a whole."

    Oliver Jäger
    Corporate Cybersecurity und Functional Safety Manager (EDAG Engineering)

    "Cybersecurity: Being up to date is one of the key factors for attack-proof products."

    Dr.-Ing. Ugur Akcakoca
    Team Leader S²QA - Safety, Security, Quality Assurance (EDAG Engineering)

Increasing efficiency in visualisation through game engines

  • "Increased efficiency is the result of know-how and experience. It is the result of linking the most diverse expertise and the resulting measures, which are developed under the aspect of speed and flexibility."

    Jan Berner
    Head of Technology and Processes FEYNSINN (EDAG Production Solutions)

  • "Through real-time visualisation, we simplify global expert collaboration, accelerate development and save on unnecessary travel. In short, game engines enable a better tomorrow."

    Stefan Wenz
    Business Development Manager (Unreal Engine Enterprise - Epic Games)




Die Transformation der Mobilität im 21. Jahrhundert - vom Vehikel zum smarten
und vernetzten System im Netzwerk des IOT

Termin: 07. Oktober 2021, 14 - 15 Uhr

zur Aufzeichnung

Die Entwicklung des Automobils nahm ursprünglich als Konkurrenz zur Pferdekutsche im 19. Jahrhundert ihren Lauf. Im 20. Jahrhundert entwickelte sich das Automobil zu einer massentauglichen, komfortablen und hoch individuellen Transportmöglichkeit.

Heute fokussieren wir uns in der Entwicklung auf elektrische Antriebe, (teil-)autonome Fahrfunktionen und der Vernetzung des Fahrzeugs mit weiteren Verkehrsteilnehmern. Softwarefeatures, Userinterfaces und Maschine-zu-Maschine-Interaktion (wie z.B. Micropayments) sind in der Fahrzeugentwicklung wichtiger denn je – anstelle einer Pferdekutsche mit e-Antrieb entsteht ein „Computer on wheels“.

Folgenden Leitfragen aus dem Bereich „Computer on wheels“ / digitale Transformation der Mobilität sollen diskutiert und beantwortet werden:

  • Welche technologischen Erfolge werden wir in den kommenden fünf Jahren erzielen?
  • Vor welchen technischen / gesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen stehen wir gerade?
  • Welche neuen Geschäftsfelder / Zusammenarbeitsmodelle entstehen derzeit?
  • Wie verändert sich die Sichtweise / Anforderungen der Kunden durch die rasche Transformation der Mobilität im 21. Jahrhundert?

    • Digitale Transformation der Mobilitätsindustrie durch die Entwicklung und den Betrieb von digitalen Software-Services
    • Host der YouTube-Liveshow „Kaffee mit Süssemilch“
    • Mitorganisator mehrerer Hackathon Events


    "Future Mobility bedeutet eine deutlich vernetztere Zusammenarbeit der unterschiedlichen Player als bisher. Gemeinsam mit EDAG-Kolleg/innen sowie einem Vertreter der Distributed Ledger Technologie IOTA werde ich als Moderator des Live-Events für Sie den aktuellen Status Quo und die Auswirkungen von computer on wheels auf OEMs, Städte und Bürger/innen kritisch zu hinterfragen und ein gemeinsames Zukunftsbild zu diskutieren."


    • Smart City-Datenplattformen
    • Alternative Mobilitätsangebote – intermodal und kundenzentriert
    • Gemeinsame, interdisziplinäre Mobilitätsentwicklung – der Bürger im Mittelpunkt


    "Computer on Wheels? Aus meiner Sicht ist es nicht zielführend, wenn in Zukunft die Autos im urbanen Raum autonom gesteuert im Stau stehen."


    • Computer Vision und Natural Language Processing im Automotive
    • Entwicklung der KI-Komponente des EDAG CityBot
    • Softwareentwicklerin im Bereich der KI 


    "KI gibt es schon lange. Aber durch die Ressourcen, die sich uns heute bieten, können wir sie immer umfänglicher einsetzen. Der nächste große Schritt wird nun sein, sie bis ins Detail zu verstehen, um sie auch in sicherheitskritischen Situationen einsetzen zu können."


    • Software-Entwicklung für automatisierte Fahrfunktionen
    • Software-Optimierung und verteiltes Rechnen
    • Portfoliomanagement EDAG für den Bereich ADAS


    "Das Lernen durch Scheitern steht dem automatisierten Fahren leider nicht zur Verfügung. Konzepte müssen erprobt werden - die Frage ist wie."


    • Zusammenarbeit von Framework-Entwicklung und Industrie-Teams 
    • Distributed Ledger-Technologien 
    • Maschinen <-> Maschinen-Interaktion


    "Dank IOTA wird mein Auto in Zukunft seine Versicherung und Betriebskosten selbst verdienen und bezahlen."


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