Flexible lightweight for manufacturing

With the in-house development of an additively manufactured "media-less gripper,"At the IAA 2017, EDAG Group showed at IAA 2017will be demonstrating how energy and space can soon be saved in the factory of the future soon. Gripperwith the in-house development of an additive-manufactured "media-free gripper". Gripping systems in production are usually haveequipped with pneumatic systems or electric motorsdrives for the grippersgripping. These solutions have a high dead weight of their own and a high mass inertia, and the. The robots that controlcontrolling these grippers musthave to be dimensionedsized accordingly.

With our "media -free gripper," we have developed a passive gripper system, i.e. apart from the robot itself, it utilises no other power source. By dispensing with additional motors and sensors, weight savings of up to 75 % are possible compared to conventional systems. Further advantages are simplethe easy assembly and easy-to-change components following a crash. Standardised assemblies mean thatcan minimise warehousing space can be significantly minimised. Also, all parts required as spares or for modifications can simply be re-printed using the additive manufacturing method.



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