EMover: emission-free aircraft pushback with style

The EDAG Group were commissioned by HYDRO Systems KG to develop and manufacture the body and cabin of an innovative, emission-free aircraft pushback tractor. HYDRO Systems KG is a leading manufacturer of equipment for the construction, maintenance and movement of aircraft. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensor technology, the "emover" is the first 100% electrically driven tractor in this performance class. The "emover" was first presented to the international public as an innovation highlight at Inter Airport, the international exhibition for airport equipment in Munich, October 2019. In its role as engineering partner for the development of the futuristic exterior, the EDAG Group was instrumental in seeing the pioneering project through. 

The HYDRO Systems "emover" complies with the standards for industrial trucks and will go into series production at the beginning of 2021. Powered by six electric wheel hub motors, the "emover" has a total weight of 60 tons and its ultra-flat design enables it to tow both small and large aircraft such as the A380, which can weigh up to 577 tons. To this end, the vehicle has a nominal power of 720 KW.

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