Sustainable management ensures innovation and future viability

We are convinced that sustainable and responsible management increases our innovation capacity and future viability - and thus the value of our Group.


  • As a reliable and successful commercial partner, we take on corporate responsibility and are a safe employer for our employees. We operate consistently to retain our competitive edge. This is possible due to intensive R&D commitment, but also by utilising our site networking. We are able to dismantle work assignments into packages to process them at the appropriate location ("Best-Cost-Country"). This allows us to meet customer requirements on competitive terms while guaranteeing sustainable growth also in the future.

  • It is our responsibility to ensure that our services are provided within a value chain that is consistent with international standards and principles governing corporate activity. For this reason, we have outlined our requirements with regard to working conditions, health and safety, the environment and business ethics in our EDAG Supplier Code of Conduct. Any and all companies in our supply chain are expected to observe relevant national laws, the principles set out in the United Nations Global Compact and our EDAG Supplier Code of Conduct.

  • The quality of our products and services is a decisive success factor. Our management system is based on ISO 9001. We are undertake to realise all specified measures to comply with the requirements of our customers and the services negotiated with them.

  • Information security, in terms of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information that has been exchanged, is of central importance to our customers, and therefore to us. When processing data and information, we comply with the relevant legal, contractual and in-house regulations at all times. This applies in particular to personal and highly sensitive data and information. We are constantly sensitising our employees with respect to the protection of our information and our expertise. As a fixed component, our data and information protection is based on the international safety standards ISO/IEC 27001 VDA and TISAX. 




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