Did you know that body parts for Rolls Royce or prototypes for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Opel and VW & Co are made in Eisenach? Projects such as these are generally strictly confidential and are carried out to the exclusion of the public.

EDAG Werkzeug + Karosserie GmbH in Eisenach/Stedtfeld will be opening its doors on 23rd October 2015, for the exclusive event "Secret Mission Jobs - EDAG Night". Future apprentices can get an idea of the apprenticeships they could do to qualify for the exclusive automobile low-volume production. Both career starters and professionals with experience in the fields of robotics, engineering, tool making and machining can find out more about the career opportunities offered by EDAG.

This "different" type of career information event is being held again this year for the fourth time in a row. The Eisenach holding company of EDAG (49% stake), one of the world's largest independent engineering service providers, will be opening its doors for the late night "EDAG Night", an event that allows a glimpse of the otherwise confidential work our developers and low-volume series producers do on exclusive vehicles. 

The visitors will be offered an attractive programme including a tour of the production area for exclusive low-volume series and prototypes, as well as application and interview skills training, and the opportunity to meet and speak with the EDAG management and technical staff. The planned exclusive demonstration of current reference vehicles from the high performance sector that the company has been working on will provide a highlight for any car enthusiast.

EDAG Werkzeug + Karosserie GmbH - professional supplier of tooling and body systems continues to grow

Since the early 1990s, the EDAG facility at Eisenach/Stedtfeld has provided classic prototyping services for the automotive industry, and set up a new Tooling and Body Systems division in 2006. For over 200 employees there, this involves the regular low-volume production of high performance vehicles under conditions similar to those in an assembly plant.

However, the term "full speed ahead" is associated with more than just our present reference vehicles. It can also be used to describe the development of the company.

"We are optimistic about the future, and are making sure that our competitors will be aligning themselves to us - not us to them," declared Bernd Kiel, who is responsible for tooling and body systems at EDAG, where there are plans to significantly increase the size of the workforce in the next few years. EDAG therefore wishes to make potential applicants in the region more aware of the company. "We will still need the classic occupations in the future, albeit with the addition of modern, dynamic components in vehicle body development, tool making and also in measuring and milling technology, to put the cars of our dreams onto the road," pointed out Ronald Kellner, Head of Division at EDAG Werkzeug + Karosserie GmbH.


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