Corona Crisis Team

Corona Crisis Team

The spread of the corona virus means that, with EDAG being an international partner to the mobility industry, we are under pressure to provide our employees and customers with the best possible protection against any further spread of the virus. After the first cases of coronavirus infection were announced in Germany, the EDAG management set up an internal task force, the Corona Crisis Team.

As of 20 April 2021

Members and tasks of the Corona Crisis Team

Members of the Corona Crisis Team

  • Executive Management // Marketing // Investor Relations // Works Council // Human Resources // QM and ISMS // Facility Management // IT // Health and Safety and Environment

Communication and Tasks of the Corona Crisis Team

  • Regular (MS Teams) meeting at least 2 times a week or if immediately on confirmation of cases of COVID-19
  • Definition of measures, rules and tasks
  • Internal and external communication
  • Assessment of current case figures
  • Organisational and personnel planning

Implementation: 10 EDAG Rules during the Corona Pandemic

Rapid Antigen Tests

EDAG is reacting to the update of the Corona Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and will provide regular self and rapid tests for employees from 19.04.2021.

The rapid tests will be offered up to twice a week to all employees present at EDAG locations in Germany.


EDAG Group provides 3D printing data free of charge for self-developed mask holders.

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When the corona pandemic began, EDAG put the "Pandemic" emergency plan into effect. Accordingly, a crisis management team was set up, which early on instructed "working from home" as a measure to reduce contact. This includes the following parameters:

Company agreements

  • „Work at the trusted work place"

Regulates in particular: Definition, requirements, implementation, working hours and availability, time recording, statutory accident insurance and liability, data protection and data or information security

  • „Corona“ (valid until 30th June 2021)

Regulates in particular: Communication during the hazardous situation, measures (working hours, place of work and assigned mobile work, short-time work orders), official quarantine

Information Security

  • The circumstances under which mobile working is permitted have been clarified with all key customers, even if the data used by employees is classified as "confidential" or "strictly confidential".
  • Employees are regularly instructed on the applicable regulations and customer agreements, which must be observed when working on the move (see appendix). This is flanked by spot checks.


  • Sufficient bandwidth is made available. The demand is permanently monitored, if necessary the bandwidth is extended.
  • Hardware, software and licenses required for mobile working were determined and the equipment of the employees was supplemented accordingly.
  • Our employees own devices are at best a fall-back solution, which is not used for "strictly confidential" data.

Self-declaration and behavioural rules
for outside persons at EDAG locations

We would like to inform outside visitors that we must insist on the following self-declaration whenever outside persons are admitted to EDAG locations.  Furthermore, the attached behavioural rules are meant for information purposes and as a binding guideline to ensure that the above-mentioned safety precautions are also followed within this context.


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