Corona Crisis Team

Corona Crisis Team

The spread of the corona virus means that, with EDAG being an international partner to the mobility industry, we are under pressure to provide our employees and customers with the best possible protection against any further spread of the virus. After the first cases of coronavirus infection were announced in Germany, the EDAG management set up an internal task force, the Corona Crisis Team.

As of 13 November 2020

Members and tasks of the Corona Crisis Team

Members of the Corona Crisis Team

  • Executive Management // Marketing // Investor Relations // Works Council // Human Resources // QM and ISMS // Facility Management // IT // Health and Safety and Environment

Communication and Tasks of the Corona Crisis Team

  • Regular (WEBEX) meeting at least 3 times a week or if immediately on confirmation of cases of COVID-19
  • Definition of measures, rules and tasks
  • Internal and external communication
  • Assessment of current case figures
  • Organisational and personnel planning

Preparatory measures

Determination of operational impacts, investigation of operational processes and responsibilities and contact persons, key personnel

  • Creation of the basic conditions for possible activities that are discontinued or can be done at home (mobile)
  • Feedback on customer information security and technical possibilities of IT structures
  • Determine labour law requirements
  • Determination of the key positions and identification of the core processes with an estimate of the consequences of a stoppage
  • Ensure availability by arranging deputising arrangements and physical separation


  • Publication of official hygiene rules in the form of flyers in toilets, kitchens, entrance areas, canteen
  • Set up hygiene dispensers for hand disinfection at highly frequented places in the buildings
  • Publication of a guide on the implementation of general protective measures
  • Procurement of additional disinfectant, protective equipment and other hygiene products

Information and communication

  • Creation of an intranet site with information and references for employees relating to the Coronavirus
  • Communication by the management that employees should check the information page every day to keep themselves informed, and adapt their working methods accordingly.
  • Up-to-the-minute information posted on the news pages by the management, with announcements of immediate measures and rules of conduct
  • News about the current status of the Covid-19 situation in the company to be regularly published on the intranet
  • Time-critical information to be e-mailed to each employee by the management, as an info service
  • Setting up a central emergency hotline for detailed questions and immediate reporting obligations regarding COVID-19
  • Reporting by employees of suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases and initiation of preventive measures by the hotline staff
  • The hotline staff will inform the crisis team using a decision matrix

Measures prior to the pandemic

  • Creation of a management tool for monitoring contact persons and those at risk
  • Using the RKI (Robert-Koch-Institut) guidelines regarding the assessment of suspected cases, confirmed cases and recommended measures
  • Using RKI guidelines regarding monitoring and classification of individuals
  • Drafting case definitions and presenting them as a process overview (see presentation slides: COVID-19 Process Overview)


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Implementation of the preparatory measures

Regulations for dealing with the situation (dynamic)

  • In line with regular updates to comply with the Robert Koch Institute guidelines, business trips are suspended until further notice.
  • Business trips may only be undertaken if absolutely necessary and, where possible, should be replaced by web ex-conferences, telephone conferences, etc.
  • Employees returning from a business or private trip from a risk area are not permitted to return to their workplace immediately on their return.
    • Contact your supervisor by telephone immediately after returning
    • After your return, stay at home for two weeks (14 days) and work from there. Make arrangements for your work with your supervisor for these two weeks.
    • Limit your personal contacts during this time to what is absolutely necessary.
    • Regular telephone contacted with line manager. If, during this time, you develop symptoms of Covid-19 (a cough, fever, breathlessness) go to a doctor or hospital for examination immediately (after phoning and mentioning your trip) without waiting to be asked.
  • Organisational hygiene measures in the canteens at the EDAG sites in Fulda, Ingolstadt, Wolfsburg and Gaimersheim
    • Individual protective measures in the abovementioned EDAG canteens, including shift schedules to minimise the risk and new meal distribution systems have been made. The above mentioned EDAG canteens are currently open and external persons have access in connection with a binding self-declaration.
  • Organisational protective measures at all locations with goods receiving departments
    • Exchange of parcels by our warehouse employees and the parcel service is restricted to the outdoor area only
    • Ensuring that nobody from outside enters our premises.

Self-declaration and behavioural rules
for outside persons at EDAG locations

We would like to inform outside visitors that we must insist on the following self-declaration whenever outside persons are admitted to EDAG locations.  Furthermore, the attached behavioural rules are meant for information purposes and as a binding guideline to ensure that the above-mentioned safety precautions are also followed within this context.

Self-declaration and behavioural rules

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