Useful Tipps For Your successful application

Do you want to help shape the automotive future together with us? Great! Then it is up to your application. What we want to learn from you, what you can expect, the answers to all your questions and more tips and tricks can be found here.

  • With Sabrina; you can call her on 08458 3238-2480. She can answer (almost) all of your questions, or at least knows who can give you the missing information.

  • No, that is not necessary! If you are interested in more than one position, just let us know. You are also not tied to the position for which you are applying. Of course, if we think your qualifications and goals would fit a similar position, you will be considered as well.

    Please note that the system handles apprenticeships differently. Here we need an application for all job advertisements.

  • Yes, in order to select our apprentices, the system requires your data for all job advertisements.

  • Of course! As long as the job is advertised, we are still looking for a suitable candidate.

  • Basically, we are looking to fill almost all our positions as soon as possible. But, we have not set a specific starting date. We take your graduation or notice period into consideration.
    The start of the apprenticeship in the various federal states is between August and September. You'll learn about the precise starting date in the course of the application process.

  • Of course! We are interested in the person behind the degrees and credentials. Many roads lead to Rome and to the EDAG Group. Our job advertisements describe the ideal candidate. Maybe you have obtained similar experiences through a different career. Then tell us about it!

  • Above all, it is important to us what experience you have gained so far. So, it's best to list not only the posts you have completed so far. We are interested in your activities and areas of responsibility, the projects you have worked and the tools you have used ... A good insight is also provided by the work certificates of your last employers, your current diplomas and relevant certificates.
    In Germany alone, we are represented as EDAG Group at more than ten locations; almost 8,500 employees work in about 20 other countries worldwide. When submitting an unsolicited application, please indicate also the area in which you see yourself or the direction you want to take as well as the locations that interest you.

  • Applications for an apprenticeship or a dual study course with us are best addressed to Laura Bartels. All other documents are sent to Sabrina Dietze. However, your contact person may change as your application passes through the usual stages. However, that is quite normal.

  • Due to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, which has been in force since 25.05.2018, we ask you to upload your documents via our online form. TransmissionThe transmission via mailemail is not encrypted. Your data will be encrypted via our online form and stored in our system in compliance with data protection laws. You can open this form by clicking on the "Apply Now!!" button next to each job ad or the "Unsolicited Application" button. It's best toIdeally, you upload your entire application as a PDF file, which is the easiest way for us. Postal applications, on the other hand, are unnecessarily time-consuming for both sides. We can't receive your application fast enough!

  • We announce our open positions for an apprenticeship or a dual study courses approximately one year before the start of training on our career page. From this point on, you can apply directly for the specific position.

  • Usually, you will hear from us within the next two to three weeks. During that time, we will examine your documents together with the relevant department. If we have a positive first impression of you, we shall invite you to an interview. Some teams like to get to know their potential new colleagues under more informal conditions - you'll probably agree. For example, we from the recruiting team like to invite our candidates to meet over lunch or a cup of coffee, so both parties can get to know each other. If the chemistry is right, nothing stands in the way of your first day at work!

  • We have a strong team of active scouts. They specialize in finding talent online. Just like you! The process is rather simple. If you reply to us and if you are interested, we'll invite you to a first telephone call. This is about getting to know you, learning more about you, your abilities and your professional aspirations. In return, we give you first insights into the company and our culture.

    If the call is successful and the consultation with the department positive, we shall contact you again. During this process, your contact person may change. However, that is quite normal.

    During the following telephone call, you will be presented with a concrete position again. If it sounds interesting to you, we will continue with a personal meeting.

  • Do not worry, our interviews are not cross-examinations! We want to learn about you in a relaxed atmosphere. Our culture is important to us and we make sure that it fits on both sides. Therefore, our advice is: Be yourself!

    And what about the clothing? Wear what makes you feel comfortable. We are much more interested in your skills rather than your clothes. Therefore, do not be alarmed if your interviewer's Birkenstocks peep out from under the office table.

    Tip: Think aloud and let us share your solution strategies. This way, we are better able to follow your strategy and understand how you approach problems.




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